Editorial: iPhone’s are just better

I’ve had 15 phone changes throughout my life.

1) Phillips C13

2) Nokia ?

3) Motorola C550

4) Samsung ?

5) Sony Ericsson K750

6) Sony Ericsson W880

7) Sony Ericsson C950

8) Huawei U750i

9) iPhone 3GS

10) Samsung Galaxy S

11) BlackBerry Torch 9800

12) iPhone 4

13) iPhone 4S

14) HTC EVO 3D

15) iPhone 3GS

Can you see the pattern?

My first smartphone was in stage 9, I changed to the Galaxy S because I thought a larger screen was more appealing, it was, but the operating system killed it. I tried a BlackBerry, but the operating system was rubbish so I returned to Apple. After using the iPhone 4, I got the iPhone 4S, and I thought that it was getting quite boring, and that a larger screen would be better, so I splashed out on an HTC EVO 3D, giving my 4S away.

Yes, the bigger screen was nice, but the colour just wasn’t as good, and I would have thought that Android would be better since the last time I owned one, but it wasn’t. The phone couldn’t even sort text message conversations into chronological order. So yes, I was so desperate, by stage 15, I changed back to an iPhone 3GS.

I’m no tech professional, just an average consumer, but I know what I want, and Android isn’t.


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