Nintendo 3DS slide pad add-on is official, ships December 10th in Japan

Nintendo didn’t say so on stage during the pre-Tokyo Game Show 3DS press conference tonight, but it really is shipping that odd-looking circle pad add-on. The “extended slide pad” is up on the gaming company’s Japanese home page right now, with a shipping date of December 10th and a price of ¥1500 ($19.50). There’s also a list of supported games available, including Monster Hunter Tri G, BioHazard Revelations, Snake Eater 3D and more. It’s powered by a single AAA battery, which our country cousins at Joystiq note probably indicates you won’t be getting any extra playtime added to your 3DS by slapping this “boat” on the bottom.


5 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS slide pad add-on is official, ships December 10th in Japan

  1. The next version of the 3DS is going to be significantly larger. But in reality, I think this is a move Nintendo needed to do and should have done in the first place. This will make it a lot easier for devs to build for both the Vita and 3DS control wise. I just wonder what impact it will have on the devs even seeing the need to take advantage of the stylus/touchpad input that makes the DS lineup unique. Really interested to see how this goes. I will maybe get the next version but the Vita is a first day buy, even with the not so good 3-5 hour battery life.

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