Garmin in talks to buy Navigon?

It’s hard out there for a company making endangered gadgets. According to Reuters, flailing satnav maker Navigon could be acquired by none other than Garmin, which has struggled itself to maintain strong handheld navigator sales in the face of stiff competition from smartphones. The deal could be worth somewhere in the “mid-double-digit million” Euro range — a none-too-helpful estimate, but enough for us to understand that the personal navigator market is in such a state that Garmin could scoop up its rival for a pretty modest sum. Garmin, for its part, has been doing well, considering — it’s the top navigator brand in the US (a market Navigon long since exited), and its profit nearly tripled in the most recent quarter. That’s largely thanks to those bestselling navigators, but also because the company’s been wise enough to reinvent itself as a purveyor of running watches and GPS for boats. In any case, if the Navigon brand is going bye bye, it looks like we could find out as soon as this month.


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