Podcasts down in iTunes desktop store (update: music, movies, App Store too!)

Want to download the latest podcasts from the iTunes Store on your Mac or PC? Well, you probably can’t — right now, at least. That section appears to be down for most of us at the moment, with the Podcasts tab presenting a “not enough memory available” error message on each click. We’ve confirmed the error on iTunes 10.2.1 and — the latest version — and aren’t able to get past the home page. We’re sure Cupertino is working on a fix, but you may need to put your podcast obsession on hold, or jump on your iOS device for all that tech talk in the meantime.

Update: We’re also unable to download apps from both the Mac and iOS App Stores. After clicking to download an app in iOS, it appears on the home screen briefly, then disappears. We’re also prompted to re-enter passwords with each attempt, so this may be related to an authentication issue. Jump past the break for the App Store error.

Update 2: The outage extends to all iTunes Store content, including music, movies, TV shows — the works. Time to go out and enjoy the sunshine?


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