Alienware M18x, M14x and M11x R3 finally official, world can now move on

Last week, we received a top-secret communique from Dell’s Alienware division, bidding us attend a San Francisco event — where, we were told, we’d be privy to some highly classified announcements. Of course, this being Dell and not the CIA, we already knew more or less what we’d see: Alienware’s latest batch of powerhouse gaming machine. Today, the aliens have landed with two new notebook computers — the Alienware M18x and M14x — and a hefty spec bump for the littlest alien in the form of the M11x R3. Each brings Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors and NVIDIA Optimus switchable graphics to the fore, as well as some oh-so-slightly tweaked frames, and the M14x and M18x bring WirelessHD tech to sling images to your screen.

The M11x and M14x are available now on Dell’s site starting at $999 and $1,199, respectively. For your cash, you’ll get 8 hours of battery life in the M11x and 6 hours in its chunkier sibling. Scheduled to land in May, the M18x weighs a scale-tipping 16 pounds, and adds an HDMI input (because PC gamers own consoles, too), and the factory overclocked 4Ghz processor and five programmable keys with up to fifteen different macros for your customizing delight. We’re off to get some hands-on time with Dell’s new little green (and blue and red) extra terrestrials, so stay tuned…

Source: Engadget


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