Samsung promises a dual-core 2GHz smartphone ‘by next year’

Are you ready for a scorching-fast future? Samsung sure is, as today the Maeli Business Newspaperreports “a high-ranking” company official has disclosed Samsung’s intention to deliver a dual-core smartphone that runs at 2GHz. That’s 2GHz for each core, not the specious 1GHz multiplied by two mathematics that Sanjay Jha likes to dabble in. ARM already has a dual-core Cortex-A9 design capable of scaling such speed heights, which is most probably the basis on which Samsung is building its future processor on. The report goes on to state that Samsung will consider selling the chips separately, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to buy a Samsung-branded handset in order to have what’s being described as desktop-class performance in the palm of your hand. Man, just as we prepared one dual-core comparison chart, here comes the next next big thing.

Source: Maeli Business Newspaper, Engadget


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