Microsoft releases Bing search app tailored specifically to the iPad

Are you finding the Bing iOS app not quite as tablet-optimized as it could be? Microsoft seems to agree with you, as it’s just released a new version of Bing designed to make the most of the iPad’s more spacious dimensions. It works with both generations of the tablet, though iOS 4.2 is required, and brings an arsenal of goodies to tempt users into giving it a try. A trends area will serve up the top-searched items on Bing, a dedicated movie- and trailer-searching section will help make your matinee decisions that little bit easier, and multiple map views will enlighten you with turn-by-turn directions and real-time transit info. There are even weather updates for up to five cities via MSN Weather and, if for whatever reason you don’t find the touch-centric interface to your liking, there’s a Bing Voice Search option as well. All for free. On the iPad. Boy, that must bruise some egos up in the Redmond.

Source: iTunes, Engadget


One thought on “Microsoft releases Bing search app tailored specifically to the iPad

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