My experiences with O2…

‘You can change your phone within 14 days’ Exact words, from the people at O2.

I have tried to replace my Galaxy S for weeks and weeks, and yesterday, I just couldn’t take it anymore. This isn’t the first time I complained to O2 that I wanted to change my phone. I remembers that on the third or fouth day, I asked if they could change my phone, due to the speed, but their advice was:

“Delete all your apps.”

I mean, for a phone made for apps, this answer was simply unacceptable, and the week after that I decided to complain again.

They politely accepted this complaint, and agreed to get me another phone, even outside the 14 days. And so I waited for 14 working days, and when the phone arrived, I ripped the packaging open and found…

Another Samsung Galaxy S.

I was blinded by the cheapness of the plastic and the fingerprint friendly casing. I was shocked and I immediately wanted to complain again, but I wanted to save the hassle, and live with this failure for a couple more days.

As news came out that Froyo would be out for the O2 Samsung Galaxy S’s on Monday the 15th, I quickly ran to my Vaio, plugged my device in and loaded Kies. While updating, I started to believe that this update would fix all my problems, but after 45 minutes of updating, I switched the device on, and was shocked at the fact that the device was slower than it originally was.

This made me furious, so I done some research and I found that you can return your phone in 28 days. Therefore, O2 lied to me about the 14 days. After my many attempts to get a new phone within those 28 days, they have always sent back a ‘repaired’ phone or a new one, but it was always that slow. So on Wednesday the 17th, I stormed into O2 and told a Guru all the problems with my phone. And the solution I got was:

“Delete all your apps.”

And again, the Galaxy S is a phone made for apps. I then went on to tell them that I requested for a different phone in those 28 days, and this, ‘Guru’ explained:

“It’s not my problem. You should have asked before.”

Enraged, I took the phone and walked out of the store. This is a case for the Consumer Advice hotline.

I have been with O2 for the majority of my life, and I never knew the dark side of them. With their lies and supposed ‘help’.

(Source: Eamon, the O2 Guru)

Written by Adam Cheung


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